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Music Lessons

Music Lessons


We offer music lessons for almost every music instrument. We have fantastic instructors who have been teaching in the area for a long time and have been employees with us for quite a long time also. It is important to obtain someone who can play very well but it is even more important that the person is a qualified instructor also. We have very capable instructors who are excellent in their music skills, friendly and sociable and make music fun and they understand and have the ability to teach you or your student how to play music.

Our lessons are generally held once a week in our classrooms in a one on one setting so you have the instructors undivided attention on you for 30 minutes. A lot will be accomplished because they know how to take you from step one of knowing nothing about music and quickly advance you as a musician. If you would like more lessons per week or longer lessons we do offer them, but we have found in our studios teaching since 1998 that the student often gets overwhelmed with so much information that it is usually best for once a week lessons for 30 minutes a session.

We're often asked about ages of students for music. There is no such thing as too old. For young students though we usually suggest a minimum age of 4- 6 on piano and 8-10 on other instruments. It's important a student can found to 4 and knows their ABC's to G and more importantly that they have a desire to play music. You are welcome to sit in with your young student and see how the lesson goes with them. For a young child 30 minutes in a room concentrating on one thing can be a long time so their level of maturity will be important.

Our lessons are paid monthly but you can start at any time of the month and pay the portion of the month left to get started. You can also try a lesson if you're hesitant about starting. Once you get started we need to have your lessons on a routine day and time. Each instructor will have 20 - 50 students so juggling them with different times each week would be a mess. Of course over the months if you change a shift at work, or need to move a lesson to a new day/time that is fine ongoing. But moving them on certain occasions or often would present the problem mentioned earlier as each instructor needs to keep a schedule. If your schedule always changes that's understandable and we can have you purchase individual lessons for a slightly higher price and call in to check available openings. Lessons are generally throughout the weekdays from about 2pm till we close at 8 pm Monday - Thursday and Saturday from 10 till we close at 6pm. Openings and time slots vary so please stop by, call or contact us about those.

Anyone can learn to play music. We find that many people are hesitant to try music. Music is like swimming or riding a bicycle in that with a little practice anyone can do it and have fun but only a few people can be Olympic swimmers or bicyclists. We'll certainly be able to teach to you play music and have fun quickly as long as you add some practice at home but cutting a record and touring the world we cannot guarantee. But anyone can learn to play music and have fun with it. You'll go as far as your desire takes you. The desire to play will influence you to practice more which will simply make you better faster.

No sense continuing to say "one day I'll get started" or "one of these days I'm going to..." or even "I'm too old" etc. Those are excuses so put those aside and get started enjoying music today.




Call or stop by today to schedule your lessons. 330-385-0468

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Student link to Dylan's Re-Schedule Calendar is here.  We have several instructors but Dylans Re-Schedule Calender is viewable online.
If you are a new student contact the store @ 330-385-0468 as our instructors will open up extra spots for you.